Building Character

Martial Arts Builds the
Character that Lasts a Lifetime

Focus, Discipline,
& Respect

These are the elements that Children in

Martial Arts Learn on a Daily Basis

True Grit

This is the byproduct of teaching dedication and
perseverance at an Early Age

Get Healthy

The Power of the work out that goes along with martial arts is the fundamental key to getting and keeping healthy.

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Action Karate’s Kids Karate classes are perfect for any child. Along with strong martial arts training taught by our excellent Kids Karate staff, every student will learn the importance of respect, self-discipline, perseverance, self-defense and confidence*. Every one of Action Karate’s Kids Karate students will make friends and learn the important aspects of the martial arts curriculum.

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Consistency and repetition create familiarity, confidence, and special needs children do well with classes. Repetition of the same location, same faces, same curriculum, and knowing what to expect are the process to help them succeed. With continuous structure and fun exercises, even the child with multisensory issues can rise to the occasion.

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Our Adult Karate program provides an environment of camaraderie. Even a beginner will train feeling secure and un-intimidated in their new situation. Fitness, strength training and self protection are Action Karate’s physical goals for adult students, as well as socializing with other like-minded, family-oriented people.

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Family Oriented

With 20 years in the Martial Art training industry, Action Karate Newtown caters to famlies throughout the area. Our systems are designed to help families learn and grow together.

Age specific Programs

From Ninja Sharks to Basic to adult our age specific programs will ensure that you will be the right fit for class.

Community Outreach

Action Karate Newtown has been a long term member of the community and gives back within our black belt training regiment and many charity programs we align with through the year.

Amazing Birthdays

Our facility is the perfect place hold that birthday party young and old. with some pretty awesome themes from board breaking to Nerf wars we have the space and the staff to make it the best birthday ever...!!

Life skills

Many skills are learned while training in martial arts. Action Karate Newtown focuses on these skills to better our students and help them achieve balance throughout their life.

Fun, Fitness and Friends

The fun factor is is off the charts, while getting fit and making news friends is always on the top ten things to accomplish.