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At Action Karate Newtown:

Our classes develop respect, concentration, courtesy, and self-discipline as well as building confidence and self-esteem. Honesty is the golden rule and positivity is a key factor in our school. Action Karate offers Leadership Training for kids, teens and adults.

Martial Arts is ideal for children who participate in team sports, by enhancing the physical skills and developing the mental discipline required to excel in their chosen activity. With its structured training techniques and positive feedback, the Martial Arts is recommended for children with special needs.

Action Karate Newtown

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March marks AK Newtown’s 7th Anniversary! Seven years ago on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), we ran our first class. And we only had 1 student the entire night! At the end of our first month we had 1 ASAH Shark, 1 Basic, and Miss Anne in Adult class.

For months we didn’t think we were going to make it. Times were tough, but we persevered and overcame a lot of obstacles. From schedules, promotion nights (we had to rent a hall), demo performances in extreme temperatures, moving, re-modeling, painting, new mats 2 times, heartbreak and loss – we never thought our business would get off the ground.

Keeping focused, never giving in or giving up and always looking forward, we managed to pull a little fun side business into a great place to train, have fun, make friends, create lasting memories and have the love and support from our AK Family. It’s not just a little side business anymore – it is a way of life, and we love every minute of what we do. Thank you everyone for making AK Newtown a family. Now, let’s ROCK & ROLL!

ASPCA Fundraiser the week of March 23rd – pet food donations, blankets, toys, treats, monetary – there are a lot of homeless and abandoned pets in Bucks County.

Black Belt pre-test will be held Saturday, March 28th at 1:00pm SHARP.

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