Monday, May 18th

4:30pm Ninja Sharks (RECORDING HERE)

5:15pm Basic & BBLC (RECORDING HERE)

6:15pm JR Black Belt, Adults & Advanced Degrees (RECORDING HERE)

Tuesday, May 19th

5:15pm Tai Chi with Mr. C (RECORDING HERE)

6:00pm Bonus Workout with Miss Elora (ages 10 & up) (RECORDING HERE)

Wednesday, May 20th

5:30pm Ninja Sharks (RECORDING HERE)

6:05pm Basic & BBLC (RECORDING HERE)

Thursday, May 21st

9:05am Ninj6:00pm Bonus Workout ages 8 & up - SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST INSTRUCTOR! Kids will love it! (RECORDING HERE)

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we are learning in class.


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