• - week of June 1, 2020 -


Blue = bonus Zoom workouts: 10-20 min. long and led by instructors from Action Karate! Totally optional, a great way to get the wiggles out and break up the day!

Red = our Zoom classes: live & interactive classes, led by our instructors. Take a class, send your personal online coach a video, and you get class credit!

Purple = Added Fun! Check the bottom of the calendar for some added fun. Our “AK PlayTime” is a time for kids to join us and do something fun (and maybe you can catch a break!). Whether it is a scavenger hunt, a book read-aloud, or a drawing activity, we will keep them busy for 30 min 🙂


We are CLOSED Saturday, June 6 for The Black Belt Challenge. Good luck, Black Belt Candidates!

Dads are FREE to Train the entire month of June! Send a PM to Miss McKenzie to save your first class!

Summer Uniforms are in! Curbside Pick-up is Monday and Wednesday 5-7pm.

Next Week is Stripe Week! Keep working hard to reach your GOALS!

Click here for our YouTube Channel for Bonus Videos!


- 6 / 1 -


- 6 / 2 -


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- 6 / 6 -

Ian Rose Seminar

5:00pm Juniors (6-12 years old)

6:00pm Adults (Ages 13+)

For more information, visit

No Classes as our Black Belt Candidates are testing for their Black Belt! Wish everyone GOOD LUCK!

You can take a Pre-Recorded Class for your class check!

Head over to Action Karate Newtown on Facebook Saturday morning and watch our Black Belts work!