Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi/Taiji) is a practice that integrates martial arts movements with Qi (pronounced Chee), circulation, breathing and stretching techniques. While traditionally training was focused on self-defense, today Tai Chi is practiced more commonly for its health and fitness benefits and carries a more spiritual tone than many other martial arts. As a practice, Tai Chi is capable of healing, rejuvenating and prolonging life. These health benefits are the primary contributions that have led to Tai chi’s popularity today.


Goals and Objective of Tai Chi Chuan

Our objective is to allows students to experience Tai Chi in a simple, natural and enjoyable way. Through a peaceful and focused class setting, our instructor presents Thai Chi as a prescription for health and as the physical manifestation of traditional Taoist philosophy. Anyone, regardless of age or physical ability can practice Tai Chi since Tai Chi emphasizes technique over strength, using internal energy development rather than external force.

Classes are Every Tuesday at 6:50 pm

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