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Our Staff

Mr. C Mr. C
3rd Degree Black Belt, American Kenpo Style Karate, 2012

As a Licensed Professional Engineer, Mr. C has 26 years of experience in establishing and maintaining relationships.

Mr. C has been studying the Martial Arts since March 2004. He has been a member of the Action Karate Leadership Team for the last five years and has successfully completed the Instructor Training Program at Action Karate and for his title as Full Instructor.

Teaching classes to children and adults on a regular basis is a major part of the instructor training program. Mr. C's martial arts instruction encompasses teaching young children up through adults in Kenpo Style Karate for both self-defense and kata. He also conducts regular review classes for students, children and adults, who are testing for their black belt.

As Head Instructor for Action Karate Newtown, Mr. C will run youth and adult classes guiding each student through their Kenpo Curriculum. He will support the values of honesty, strength and knowledge which is the basis of our program.

Mr. OgbornMr. Ogborn
4th Degree Black Belt, American Kempo Style Karate, 2013
Enrollment Director

As a professional Senior Sales Executive, Mr. Ogborn has spent his 20-year career with ePlus Technology, Inc as a Team Leader and Account Executive. Mr. Ogborn carries sales certifications in over 25 manufacturers product lines.

Part of his time is spent managing public company contracts and negotiating new contracts within his sales organization.

Mr. Ogborn has been studying Martial Arts since June 2004. During his tenure, he also studied Tang Soo Do and Krav Maga styles.

Mr. Ogborn has been member of the Action Karate Leadership Team for the last 10 years, and he is a Certified Instructor. He spends his time as the enrollment director, and advanced Degree Instructor.

He works with children and helping them understand our program, goals and values in a fun and exciting environment. He is also very involved in the community with various charities and functions in and around the Newtown area.

Mr. Ogborn spearheads our special needs program, for our students who need a different teaching style. He is very passionate about ensuring that special needs children and teens get the attention and teaching they deserve. He makes it his aim and goal to get ant and all students who want to take karate involved.




"The opportunity to earn my black belt along with my two children and with the support of my wife will always be one of my greatest memories and accomplishments.

- Mr. Ogborn

Miss AnneMiss Anne
Instructor, American Kenpo Style Karate, June 2011
2nd Degree Black Belt, American Kenpo Style Karate, 2012

Miss Anne has 15 years experience in Corporate Training, Team Building, Retail Display and Marketing Experience. She currently runs all marketing and special events at Action Karate Newtown. By involving our school in many charitable and educational events in and around Bucks County, Miss Anne has great pride in what we teach and how we can make out community a better place to live and work.

Miss Anne had the amazing privilege of being the Head Coach of Action Karate Newtown’s, Jr. Demo Team. She also takes the time to plan all of our camps, after school and enrichment programs for our studio. She ensures that Action Karate Newtown is an active member in our community by making sure we are involving in these local programs.

While Miss Anne makes sure the studio is running smoothly, and is busy ensuring all students are taken care of in the studio. She is also taking on the incredible task of earning her Bachelors of Arts in Special Education. She has the desire to take what she is learning in school and apply it in the studio. She longs to see all students reach Black Belt Status. Miss Anne is working hard to make sure she learns all she can to fulfill her hopes for the students she teaches. She is also hard at work pursuing her 3rd degree Black Belt.



Miss Carolyn
Special Needs Instructor, 2007
Second Degree Black Belt, 2009
3rd Degree Black Belt, American Kempo Style Karate, 2012

Miss Carolyn graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Psychology. She has worked in the Mental Heath field for over 17 years. Currently she supervises a unit of Case Managers that work with severely mentally ill adults and children. Miss Carolyn has also helped run group therapy sessions and has been a Program Assistant for a Forensic PHP (Partial Hospital Program) working with drug and alcohol addicted, mentally ill ex-offenders. She joined Action Karate in 2004, earned her black belt in 2007 and her 2nd degree black belt in 2009. Miss Carolyn is currently working towards her 4th degree black belt. She has been working as a special needs instructor for Action Karate Newtown since 2007.

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