Saturday, October 13 @ SMG Sportsplex in Warminster

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Price and Info:

_____Ages 3 & 4 kata only $45 includes T-Shirt please specify size ________
_____Ages 3 & 4 kata only no t-shirt $30
_____All Ages 5 & Up 2 events $64 includes T-Shirt please specify size ________
_____All Ages 5 & Up 2 events $49 no t-shirt

_____Special Needs One Event Only $30

REGISTRATION AFTER September 29th (Deadline to Register is October 6)
_____Ages 3 & 4 kata only $64 includes T-Shirt please specify size ________
_____Ages 3 & 4 kata only no t-shirt $40
_____All Ages 5 & Up 2 events $74 includes T-Shirt please specify size ________
_____All Ages 5 & Up 2 events $59 no t-shirt

_____Special Needs One Event Only $40

Each additional event add $10.
Competitor Name: ________________________________ Age: _____ Belt Color: ______________________
Amount enclosed ________________________________________


For all ages 5 and Up, please indicate your second event below.

Ninja Sharks (Ages 5-6) Combination Set _____
White through Red Belt Kids Combination Set _____ OR Sparring ______
Jr. Black Belts and Adults Self Defense _______ OR Sparring ______

Green Ring - High Performance Ring Consult an instructor for more information.

Musical Weapon: ______Musical Open Hand: _____ Traditional Forms: ______ Traditional Weapons: ______
Sync Forms: ________

Liability waiver - competitor represents being physically fit to participate in prescribed program. All use of the facilities shall be
undertaken at the sole risk of the competitor. Action Karate shall not be liable to anyone for claims, demands, damages, and injuries,
loss of property or acts of negligence.

Action Invitational FAQ’s

The goal of the Action Invitational Tournament is to develop Grit. According to Angela Duckworth, leading childhood development specialist, grit is the key indicator for future success.


Why do we have vendors and sponsors?
We rely on our sponsors to help defray the cost of our tournament. If you are interested in becoming a
vendor or sponsor, please see your instructor.

My child just started karate/ my child is so shy/ my child hates crowds/ my child isn’t very coordinated/
my child is only 3 years old etc. etc. Is the tournament for him?
Most definitely YES. The purpose of the tournament is to encourage children to take a risk and do their
personal best. It is not a hard core competition. Every child who participates is rewarded with a trophy/medal
for having the courage to perform in front of the judges.

Is my child guaranteed a trophy or medal?
Yes, medals in one division

What do I need to do to participate?
Fill out the registration form and turn in by September 29th for early bird registration fee.

Is there an entrance fee?
All spectators (includes Mom, Dad, siblings, Grandparents, friends etc.) must pay a $7 entrance at the
door. Competitors do not need to pay.

What time is my child competing?
Once we have all the registration forms and have compiled the divisions, we will announce the official
times. PLEASE NOTE-Do not be late. If you miss your child’s division he will still be allowed to participate,
but with a higher ranked division. For example, a white belt might have to compete with purple belts. Besides
leaving ample travel time, add in some extra time to get through the admission line and to find your ring

Who does my child compete against?
Once all registration forms are in, we create the divisions based on age and rank.

How do I find my ring location?

The week prior to the tournament we will have ring assignment sheets available. On it, find your child’s
age and rank (and in some cases last name initial). This means when you enter the gym look for the ring with
that color balloons floating above it. This is where you should report. Again- it is better to be early than late.

What does my child need to know?
Everything your child needs to know will be taught in their class, although they should practice at home

Who are the judges?
The head judges are all Action Karate Instructors. Auxiliary judges are all Action Karate students
having achieved the rank of 3rd Kyu or higher.

What happens if my child freezes/cries/refuses to do his kata etc?
The judges will do everything humanly possible to make sure that your child has a positive experience.
One time a judge even asked all the spectators to close their eyes so no one was watching while a particularly
shy child performed.